Who We Are

At Willow Coin, we are focused on providing Coin and Banknote services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to exceed your expectations.

Willow Coin started out of a genuine love of collecting coins.  Our goal, has been to provide informative and thorough services to our clients.  

One of our most popular services are apprasials.  We strive to provide most apprasials free of charge, in the hopes of building a base of long term return customers

Coin Fact (Above Photo):

The highly sought after 1948 silver dollar.  This rare yet attainable coin is a dream for most Canadian collectors.  With just over 18 thousand made, they are valued at approximately $1500 to $4000 for most mint state coins.

Why Us?

Our customer base is served by coin shows and home visits. Our 'store to your door' services allows us to offer highly competative prices. 

Give us a call you, won't be disappointed!

Coin Fact:

The First Canadian Silver Dollar
Struck in 1911, only two were produced (in silver), and none after that until 1935 when mass production began.  One of the two 1911 silver dollars is held by the National Currency Collection in Ottawa. The other was recently auctioned for $734,000.  Known as a pattern coin, it was produced by Britain's Royal mint but never approved for production.   
Source: Globe and Mail September 2019